Our Services

The service we provide is entirely without cost or obligation. We do not charge a fee or try to make you feel as though you must arrange your cover through us. Of course we hope we can assist you in finding the right cover at the right price but, if you decide not to proceed with any of the options we present, that is your choice entirely and we promise not to guilt you into doing something that you’re not happy with.

Our approach is quite simply to do the best job for you that we can, and to do so in a friendly and professional manner.

Due to industry regulation, we are required to provide you with certain details of the service we offer. This is explained verbally, on initial contact and backed up with our ‘Initial disclosure document’ which we email or post to you for your records. It is important that you understand what we can do for you within our remit. In addition, we’ve compiled this guide for your reference, to put a little more ‘meat on the bones’.

Why use us?

The main purpose of our service is to research the options on your behalf so that you can make an informed decision about how best to insure your needs. Of course, the whole point of protection insurance is to provide you with peace of mind, so it is important that you have the knowledge and confidence that any insurance cover is going to do what you think it’s going to do, when you most need it to.

What we do for you

Our research is comprehensive and tailored to your specific needs and requirements. In every case we handle, our research is centred on three areas; price, policy features and underwriting variations.

At the very least we research comparison quotes and options and report back to you with the results. In doing so we explain the cheapest quotes we have found and what, if anything, you would gain by taking out a more expensive option.

In addition we research the underwriting variations for you. This can be quite involved but often proves most valuable if one or more insurance company is unlikely to offer you standard rates and terms. This can occur for a variety of reasons. Our experts are trained to identify any potential areas where this would be of use. We’ve written a guide to underwriting to show in a little more detail how this can help. (LINK – What you need to know about underwriting)

Our approach

We genuinely aim to provide an unrivalled service to our clients, not just in content but also by our delivery. We want you to feel comfortable approaching us with any questions you may have, and be impressed by our professionalism. We make use of the latest technology to research the options on your behalf but we also greatly value the ‘old fashioned’ approach in order to achieve and maintain our high level of personal service.

We never put any pressure on you to proceed with a specific option or attempt make you feel as though you must or should apply for any of the options we present. The choice is entirely and solely yours.

The personal touch

Rather than being subjected to a call centre environment, you will be assigned a dedicated point of contact from start to finish. Our consultants have a minimum of 10 years experience in the financial services industry and each have regular training to keep up-to-date with the latest industry regulation, compliance procedures and policy changes.

We’re not tied to just one insurance provider

We use a market leading panel of the top six protection providers who deliver superior service, quality and breadth of products. This proposition falls under the classification of ‘a limited number or insurers’ for Term Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection and Family Income Benefit. However, our underwriting research spans the whole market so where a more preferable outcome is indicated elsewhere, you have the option of applying to an insurer outside those on our panel.

Non Advised

By default our service falls under the definition of ‘non-advised’ as we don’t identify your protection needs for you or tell you how much cover to have. As such, we do not make a specific recommendation for you to ‘take it or leave it’. Therefore, if, for example, you are looking to protect a mortgage balance, it’s your responsibility to ensure you select the correct sum to be insured and term length. Likewise, for personal or family protection, we can give you information and ideas to help you to choose a level of cover but you need to decide what is sufficient and what you can afford.

On the record

We will ensure that a policy is suitable for you, based on the information you give us. We document our research thoroughly and will gladly provide you with this on request. As standard we issue you with a suitability report to demonstrate how the policy chosen fits the area you wish to protect. Where you ask us a specific question, we will answer it and back up our response in writing, quoting an insurer’s documentation so that you have the upmost confidence the answer is correct. We also record our telephone calls as a regulatory requirement and for added protection for you.

Helping you get it right

As already outlined, our research is comprehensive and should not be confused with an ‘execution only’ service where you chose cover without any input. This is inferior to the service we offer because you are entirely responsible for ensuring the cover you arrange is suitable. As such, you don’t have any recourse if it transpires that it is actually unsuitable.

Don’t know what you need or where to start?

If you would prefer a personal recommendation, you can take advantage of our fully advised service. We undertake a more detailed ‘fact find’ to ascertain what protection you need and can afford. Based on this information, we will present our recommendation along with an explanation showing how we arrived at the solution to meet your needs.

If you have any questions about our services or would like us to help you, just ask. Call us on 0800 093 4973 or request a call back.

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